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2016 Recommend Fireworks display

time 2016/07/30

2016 Recommend Fireworks display

Japanese beautiful fireworks display is one of the highlights of the summer in Japan.

Each starburst lasts just 5 or 10 seconds. But these fleeting moments of beautiful pyrotechnics never fail to captivate the watching crowds.

You can see not only regular fireworks, but also heart or anime character shaped designs!

Popular firework shows tend to be very crowded.

Letting off small fireworks with your family and friends is just as much a symbol of summer in Japan as the big pyrotechnic displays.


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Nagaoka Fireworks Festival(Nagaoka City, Nigata Prefecture)

Aug. 2 (Tue)~Aug. 3(Wed) 20,000 fireworks(in 2days)

This is the most famous fireworks festival in Japan, which is held in 2 days: August 2th and 3rd every year. The competitive performance of the fireworks shown at the riverbank of Shinano river is unutterably magnificent.


Omagari fireworks display (Akita Prefecture)

Aug. 27 (Sat.) 18,000 fireworks


National fireworks ” Fireworks of Omagari ” , will be held in Omagari district of Akita Prefecture .
In one of Japan ‘s three major fireworks display , along with the Tsuchiura national fireworks display , best is of fireworks , it will be awarded by the Prime Minister’s Award .
The maximum point of interest is , ” tournament strong force to satisfy the climax of quality and tourists are equipped to provide the fireworks ” decorate , it is .
Since Omagari fireworks games , fireworks will compete the trick . Lot of also have the opportunity to be seen creative new fireworks .


Tsuchiura National Fireworks(Ibaraki Prefecture)

Oct. 1(Sta.)20,000 fireworks 

It is unusual fireworks to be launched in the fall of the night sky . Here also yell of fireworks is different because it is a fireworks competition nationwide !

Venue is also close from the station , is also the point of access is good from the Tokyo metropolitan area .

In it it can be said the competition and bottom line of fireworks , incorporating the technique which has been ingenuity one year to fully , that the high-quality fireworks can be seen is a feature .
Along with the ” Fireworks of Omagari ” , the best of the fireworks will be awarded by the Prime Minister’s Award .

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